We are an international, inter-denominational ministry.  
Our goal is to spread the Gospel to everyone we meet, minister
to those in need, provide spiritual help & services wherever
and whenever we can.

We look forward to continued growth and safety on the road.
Many people comment favorably about our patch. It has many interesting designs and
colors. We run a simple two-piece patch, that claims "no territorial" rocker, or "M.C."
designation. Our colors have been carefully and prayerfully chosen so as to not identify
with or antagonize any other group.

Top Rocker: We have three colors on our top rocker - making no color claims
whatsoever. The blue is a simple outline. The black symbolizes Jesus' death on the
cross & that we are to be dead to sin & alive to Christ. The red symbolizes the blood of
the Lord Jesus Christ whose blood was shed for the sins of the world. We
acknowledge that we are all sinners (no better than anyone else), and that we too
need the cleansing blood of Christ in our lives on a daily basis - cleansing & forgiving
our sins - washing us whiter than snow.

Sword: The silver sword in the center of the patch symbolizes Hebrews 4:12 &
Ephesians 6:17 which clearly state that the "Sword of the Spirit" is the Word of God and
that it cuts to the heart.

Wings: The wings are symbolic of the Holy Spirit's presence & power in the life of the
believer. They are in a myriad of colors so as to not identify with any other group.

Open Bible: This tells us that God's Word is to be opened, studied and applied to all
areas of our daily life. We believe our lives should be an open book before the world,
not full of jive and hypocrisy.

Flames: These, above the wings symbolize the fire of God - the Holy Spirit's purging
influence as He burns the chaff off, cleansing and changing the believer's life. The
"777" on the Sword: This symbolizes a trinity of perfection - Father, Son & Holy Spirit.!

Chris "CC Rider" Coleman
Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry
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