We are a biker outreach ministry.  We are not a fellowship of bikers or a
riding club, though these, of course, are a normal part of what we do.

Q: Who does BFC minister to?

A: Bikers with our primary focus on the surrounding biker club community?

Q: How do you minister?

A: That may be a little different for every person but we take part in biker
events in order to be available for God to work through us.

Q: Can my wife join?

A: We encourage wifes to join if they feel comfortable around seasoned
bikers and we have a patch just for them.

Q: Is there a prospect period?

A: No but there is a period of time to ensure that this ministry is a good fit
for you and you for us. Also that you have the amount of time needed to
dedicate to this ministry by attending meetings, events, Bible studies etc.

Q: How long could that be?

A: Usually several months. Time should not be an issue nor wearing the
patch but your true desire to be a servant for Christ.
Bikers for Christ
Bikers for Christ
Bikers for Christ
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